Designing vintage florals with Melbourne Florist Cassy from Flowers for Jane

Designing vintage florals with Melbourne Florist Cassy from Flowers for Jane

When it comes to creating vintage floral arrangements, it takes expertise and attention to detail....and a lot of practice. One of Flowers for Jane's most popular arrangements, the Modern Vintage Blooms, is what I think is the perfect display of handcrafted charm and vintage-inspired elegance.

In this blog post I will take you through the design process behind this customer and recipient beloved arrangement.

Later, you can see how you can join me and learn how to make your very own.

What inspired the Modern Vintage Blooms arrangement?

I was first inspired by gorgeous cut glass vases. The ones you can pick up in an op-shop or the classic vases owned by most our grandmothers. This nostalgic piece sparked my creativity and led me to envision an arrangement that would capture the essence of a bygone era.


How did I bring my vision to life?

I wanted the Modern Vintage Blooms arrangement to have a handmade and garden-picked charm. I wanted it to look  'relaxed', 'just picked from the garden' which was actually very difficult for me in the beginning after being formally trained as a florist in the 90s. 

I carefully selected a variety of flowers that would evoke a sense of nostalgia and natural beauty. Roses are usually a feature however chrysanthemums work well too. Then Singapore orchids, Queen Annes lace, alstromeria, statice or snapdragons are chosen for their timeless appeal and delicate petals. I also couldn't forget carnations. You either love them or hate them. I've decided I love them.

To enhance the vintage-inspired aesthetic, I just had to find a cut glass vase. I searched until I found the prefect one. It also had to be the right price and size as I was designing a saleable product. I wanted it to be affordable so I would have orders everyday, not just special occasions like weddings.  This choice completed the vision. It reminded me of the vases our grandmothers cherished and sat on a crochet doily on a loungeroom side table.. The combination of the flowers and the vase created a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary style.


What is the process of creating the Modern Vintage Blooms arrangement?

Glad you asked. I start by carefully arranging some foliage for a base to hold the flowers in the vase, paying attention to color, shape, and size. I tend to use two varieties of foliage to create form, line and texture. I then strategically place each bloom to create a balanced and visually pleasing composition. The goal is to achieve a natural, effortless look that appears as though the flowers were just picked from a garden.

Sounds simple but it isn't always. Even after making hundreds of them, I occasionally pull it all apart and start again. 

Once the flowers are arranged, I add the finishing touches. I may incorporate some delicate filler flower like misty, geraldton wax, twisted willow or even gyp to visually balance the piece. The final step is to attach a satin ribbon and take a few steps back, take one last look and make sure the overall design is cohesive and visually appealing.

Then take a photo. Look at the arrangement in the snap. Trust me, if something is out of place, this is the way you'll notice it.

It's a sneaky little tip that works for anything you need to visually arrange, from making your bed and and perfecting the perfect scattered pillows to placing ornaments, picture frames and knickknacks on a hall table. 

Why is the Modern Vintage Blooms arrangement so popular?

I think the Modern Vintage Blooms arrangement has gained popularity due to its timeless beauty and unique blend of vintage and modern elements. It appeals to those who appreciate the charm of the past while still embracing what's in trend. I also hope it's the attention to detail and the use of high-quality flowers that contribute to its popularity, as customers can trust I put my heart into every design.

Would you like to learn to make your very own vintage inspired arrangement? See some tricks using different shaped vases, chicken wire, glass frogs and even sticky tape?

Check out my classes for 2024. Held in the Flowers for Jane studio located in Leafy Langwarrin, 5 mins off the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. 



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