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Our top flower bouquets to gift this Christmas.

When it comes to the type of arrangement which is best for flower delivery in Melbourne this Christmas 2019. I suggest our posy jar or Deluxe Vase. It comes in it’s own water source so there is no mess or fuss. No need to find a vase or unwrap.

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About Flowers by Jane's owner, Cassy Canterford and her floristry journey.

I decided to become a florist when I was 16 (do I dare tell you, back in 1993), I did work experience in year 9 at Julie Ann's Florist in Mentone. Thelma and Kylie inspired me. Then in 1994 I did a short 6 week course with Victoria Whitelaw of "Victoria Whitelaw beautiful flowers", when she was a teacher at Julie Ann's Florist. She gave me so much encouragement and made me believe I had talent and one day could open Flowers by Cassy. Finding an apprenticeship was really difficult. Every single florist from Melbourne to Mornington received my resume and got a phone call. While I kept looking ended up completing VCE and managed to achieve marks in the...

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